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BDS: Israeli-Invented Vaccine OK for Boycotter's Use

The founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel said this week in an Arab media interview that if Israel invents a vaccine for the coronavirus, those who reject normalization with Israel by boycotting it can still be given the vaccine. However, Omar Barghouti continued that Israel should not be allowed to use the coronavirus crisis to maintain relations with the Palestinian Authority and with other Arab states. He also said: “if you use medical equipment from Israel - not a problem. Cooperating with Israel against the virus – to begin with, we do not consider it normalization. The same is true of other medical breakthroughs, he said.  “If Israel finds a cure for cancer, for example, or any other virus, then there is no problem in cooperating with Israel to save millions of lives." (VFI News)

Intercessors, please continue to pray against this anti-Semitic anti-Israel movement. BDS activity started in July 2005, when 171 Palestinian civil society organizations banded together and decided to try a new approach to fight the so-called “occupation.” Since then, the movement has expanded to include hundreds of campaigns on six continents. They range from pushes for investors such as churches, trade unions, and universities, to divest from companies holding Israeli military contracts, to consumer boycotts, calls for musicians and other artists to cancel appearances in Israel, and demands for governments to impose sanctions. BDS has never been invoked against any other country...only Israel. Meanwhile, BDS advocates continue to use without any sense of gratitude or honor Israel's breakthrough medical devices and medications, technical inventions, and a long list of other world-benefiting innovations.  Continue to intercede for the collapse of the BDS movement on every front.