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Israel: No Benefits or Stipends Before Passover

Israel’s National Insurance Institute is overloaded by the massive surge in claims brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and will be unable to transfer unemployment benefits and emergency stipends before the upcoming Passover holiday, its director-general announced last weekend. “Unfortunately and despite great efforts, we will not be able to meet the schedule and deliver the unemployment benefits,” Meir Spiegler told media sources, adding that while he hoped that emergency stipends for children may be processed before the holiday this week, those for the elderly definitely won’t be. “We usually handle 17,000 unemployment benefit-requests every month, but we now have more than a million. The systems are not built for more than that,” he said. Almost a quarter of Israel’s workforce - 24.9 percent - is now jobless, including some 160,000 people who had been unemployed before the crisis. (Times of Israel)

Please intercede for and give to those suffering sudden financial shock and emergencies due to the coronavirus in Israel: "I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy." Ps. 140:12