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Israel Testing Protective Stickers for Medical Masks

Israel’s Health Ministry is adopting a new unique sticker that can be attached to a standard medical mask to make it a stronger shield against the virus. Researchers have created the sticker using a 3D printer. It is composed of nanoscale fibers coated with disinfectants that can defend the wearer against viruses. The Ministry of Health has given its initial approval of the sticker and medical professionals at the Galilee Medical Center began testing the sticker on 1 April 2020. "The solution at hand is accessible, fast, and uses advanced technology. We hope that the success of this pilot will lead to the implementation of this sticker in additional hospitals across the country,” said Prof. Samer Srouji of the Galilee Medical Center. (VFI News) 

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry continues to explore ways to combat this invisible enemy. The National Emergency Team is working in all areas of research and development to adapt technology in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Intercede for antidotes and prevention methods to this deadly virus to be developed as quickly as possible.