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Russia's Amb. to Israel Summoned to Foreign Ministry for Reprimand

Russia's ambassador to Israel has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry following an interview, in which the ambassador said that "Israel is a major problem in the Middle East."

Foreign Ministry political-strategic desk head Ambassador Alon Bar rebuked Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov, saying that his remarks were inconsistent with the reality in the Middle East that was presented to the ambassador more than once, and discussed in political talks and diplomatic channels between the two countries.

The leader clarified to the ambassador Israel's position and expectation that the discourse, including on regional issues, especially the Iranian threat and Iran's proxy organizations, especially Hezbollah, will take place via diplomatic channels, with reference to the reality and threats facing Israel, and not to "outrageous and dangerous false visions, as is customary and as has been the practice so far between the two countries." (INN / VFI News)

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