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France Adopts Motion to Label Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism

The motion proposed by lawmaker Sylvain Maillard of LREM, President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party, passed last week by a majority vote of 154-72 in the parliament’s lower house. “For some years now, France, the whole of Europe, but also almost all Western democracies are facing a rise in anti-Semitism,” the resolution states. “Anti-Zionist acts can at times hide anti-Semitic realities. Hate toward Israel due to its perception as a Jewish collective is akin to hatred toward the entire Jewish community.” In France today, “dirty Zionist… means dirty Jew,” said Maillard.  Meyer Habib, a lawmaker from the Union of Democrats Party representing French ex-pats in several countries, including Israel, said in support of the resolution in the National Assembly, “Anti-Zionists are not just critics of Israel, they are obsessed. They use anti-racist and anti-colonialist rhetoric to try to erase Jewish identity. Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan congratulated the National Assembly on passing the motion, calling it "an important decision that will help to fight the rising anti-Semitism in France and in Europe in general." (VFI News/J. Post)