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Oh No! Not Again! Mossad Spy Captured in Saudi Arabia

A recent Twitter post reported on a Mossad agent that was captured in northern Saudi Arabia. The official Saudi report determined that the “Mossad agent” was an Israeli vulture armed with photographic and “espionage” equipment.  “Heroes” of the Saudi security forces were on their way to place him under arrest and take the bird away for interrogation. Alas, the innocent bird is merely a vulture with a tracking device attached to his body by the Veterinary Department of Tel-Aviv University. The department is exploring the migration of birds in the region. This is not the first time that a “Mossad agent” has been caught in Arab countries. In fact, a few years ago another vulture was captured in Lebanon and was immediately accused of being part of an Israeli attempt to spy on Hezbollah. Sharks, pigeons, storks and even squirrels are all animals that have been reported in recent years as being used by the Mossad. Sad but true, a turkey captured by Palestinians some years ago spent days in a Gaza Strip jail before being convicted of spying for Israel.  He was executed shortly thereafter and served up for dinner among the prison staff.  (Israel Today/ VFI News)