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Uk Labour Party Loses Jewish Vote

Jewish voters are turning away in droves from the UK Labour party, once seen as their traditional political home, owing to a combination of “extreme” left policies and poor leadership on anti-Semitism.  “Jews have deserted the Labour party for two main reasons,” said Jonathan Boyd, executive director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR). “First, the party has lurched to the left; and second, the party has failed to understand or recognize how anti-Semitism manifests itself in leftist politics and as a result allowed it to fester and grow. To regain the support of Jewish voters, it would have to shift on both fronts: move back towards the political center and root out the left-wing manifestations of anti-Semitism that exist – not only in the party itself but in wider society.”  A poll of British Jews earlier this year found that 86% of respondents believed there were high levels of anti-Semitism among Labour party members and elected representatives. Ivan Lewis, a British politician, said the “levels of anxiety and fear among UK Jews are really shocking. The sense that, for the first time in recent history, this country could become a cold home for Jews is probably held by 75% of local Jewish voters”. (VFI News/UK Guardian) 

An important historical change could be at hand following the UK elections - either Brexit or the Jews returning to Israel in mass. May the same shift in traditional Jewish support for clearly anti-Semitic/anti-Israel bias Democratic Party members take place in the USA.