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It’s Not Always Sunny in Israel

For those who have never visited Israel, it’s easy to picture it as a land of deserts and white stretches of beach with occasional rain in the winter months - but mostly sunny and warm. Actually, Israel is a country of two seasons; summer and winter with a short-lived, breathtaking spring and a brief reminder of autumn sandwiched between the hot and the cold. In the late fall and winter months, snow, freezing temperatures, storms, and blustery gales can cause chaos from Israel’s well-forested north to its wind-carved deserts in the south. For example, last week turbulent weather lashed the coastline of Israel on Thur. 12 Dec. 2019 and moved inland, causing numerous injuries and damage to cars and buildings. Flash floods were predicted in the Judean Desert and the ski resort at Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights was closed down for the weekend due to weather conditions. The Magen David Adom rescue service said a number of people were hurt in weather-related incidents around the country. Among them was an 80-year-old man who was found unconscious in his apartment suffering from hypothermia. Paramedics sought to resuscitate him and then rushed him to a coastal hospital. There, he was sadly pronounced dead.  While precipitation is desperately needed across the country during the rainy season, it is often a bleak and deadly time for the poor, the elderly and those in need who live alone. For such people, there is often no holiday respite with good food, company, let alone fireplaces or even a small space heater. For them, the sun is behind the clouds for weeks on end. (VFI News)

Please continue to pray for an abundant rainy season in Israel, more importantly for the provision and care of those in need who face each winter with dread and the expectation of hardship.