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Lack of Heat Fatal for too Many Elderly Israelis

MK Itzik Shmuli (Labor) last week wrote about the death of elderly people due to a lack of heating in their homes. In a Twitter post, he responded to the death of an elderly Israeli man who perished in his home during a severe storm and high freezing winds: "Another elderly man died of cold. Every year, thousands of houses become cold traps and some people simply freeze to death when there is no money to heat the house. Only now did I demand in the Knesset to stop the electricity cuts and increase the heating grant, but the government does not care. I will require the urgent convening of a committee." The most recent figures revealed that thousands of elderly Israelis give up food, medicine or heating because they cannot afford to pay for them. Some 18 percent of Israeli elderly go without home heating and about 20% forego basic commodities in order to pay for heating. In need of assistance, these old men and women who have no families they can turn to, say that feeling cold to the bone is worse than feeling hungry. "I'm afraid of going to sleep because I'm not sure I will wake up," said one elderly man. At least 23% of Israel's elderly live completely alone. According to the Israeli Center for Legal guardianship (ICLG) - a public trust that helps the impoverished elderly in all walks of life - there are thousands of Israelis for whom the winter is nothing but a reoccurring nightmare. (VFI News)

Intercede for the elderly and Holocaust survivors in Israel to receive the love, provision and emotional support so badly needed.  Heat, food and medical supplies are among the most basic needs that so many are suffering without.  Please make a difference with your prayers and donations on behalf of the elderly of Israel during the cold winter months.