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Over 1 Million Israeli Children Experience Food Insecurity

A new study released by a welfare NGO last week revealed that food insecurity currently affects more than one million children in Israel. The figures represent one-third of all children in the country, with an additional 1.3 million adults suffering from hunger. This adds up to the sad figure of more than 2.3 million Israelis live in poverty. Some 29.4% of people in this figure reported weight loss due to an inability to afford food. At least 12% admitted to rummaging through garbage bins for meals.  Some 27.9% counted in the study said that their children routinely go to school without lunch, marking a 16-point increase from last year. Among the 35 countries listed as members of the OECD, Israel is ranked at the highest level of poverty. (VFI News)  

Intercede for the children of Israel to have the nourishment, clothing, shelter, and love needed. May those individuals and groups who are able to give, give abundantly. Pray that the plight of those in need in the nation will become a major concern to the government and that the annual budget for the elderly, the disabled, children at risk and families undergoing hardship will reflect that concern.