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Gaza Christians Flee Hamas Persecution

Prior to 2007, there were 3,500 Christians in the Gaza Strip. Now, there are fewer than 1,300. There is speculation that the more accurate figure of the endangered Gazan Christian community has dropped to around 500 members. One Christian who fled the Hamas-controlled area has lived for years on the streets of Nazareth.  Kamal Tarazi, 60, told media sources that he prefers to stay where he is rather than to return to the Gaza Strip where he had lived his entire life. He said that the moment Hamas took control in 2007, “they started persecuting us, ruining our churches and forcing Christians to convert to Islam." Having spent two months in a Hamas prison, Tarazi, upon release, applied for a permit to travel to Bethlehem to attend religious ceremonies for Christmas. Once in Judea & Samaria he vowed he would never go back. (VFI News)

Palestinian Christians, as well as Christians in most Muslim countries across the Middle East, are undergoing severe religious persecution with the worst abuses being reserved for those who convert to Christianity from Islam. Please intercede for all believers who are living under dangerous and harsh Islamist conditions.