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First Winter Storm Brings Gales, Rain, Snow to Israel

Israel saw its first snowfall of the winter season on Wed. 25 Dec. 2019 as cold fronts, rainfall, and strong gusts swept through the country. Israel was hit by widespread flooding the following day as torrential downpours and strong gusts swept through the country. In Thursday’s late hours of the morning, snow began falling on Mount Hermon, with the temperatures in the area dropping to 0 degrees Celsius. The Sea of Galilee reportedly rose by 6 cm within 24 hours. Before the current rainstorm, measurements showed that this year's annual rainfall in northern Israel stood at around 50% of the yearly average, but this number soared to over 110% of the region's expected quantity of precipitation in just 24 hours.  Low temperatures, heavy showers and strong gusts of wind are expected to last until Saturday 28 Dec. 2019. Police forces remain on high alert, calling for people to prepare for road closures due to flooding and urged the residents to stay away from low lying areas. (VFI News)

Pray for a much needed abundant rainy season in Israel but with protection and safety for Israel's elderly and others who are vulnerable to severe weather conditions, and with limited damage to property, and agriculture.