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France May Shutter Dozens of Mosques Suspected of 'Separatism'

The French Interior Minister has called for an investigation into 76 mosques and plans to close those who are teaching Islamic extremism.

The statement came from Gérald Darmanin, according to The Guardian. Investigations would specifically be looking for mosques that were “breeding grounds for terrorism.”

Those found to be harboring such would be closed. France continues to deal with Islamic terrorism in light of recent attacks. A Tunisian man has been charged with the killing of 3 people at the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice. Samuel Paty, a teacher, was beheaded in the street by 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov. Paty was supposedly targeted for showing students the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published by the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine. (DC / VFI News)

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