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USA Official on Trump Deal: 'Old Way of Doing Things is Over'

In the wake of a caustic UN Security Council debate on Tue. 11 Feb. 2020, during which all member nations except the USA and Israel shunned President Trump’s "Deal of the Century", the White House celebrated the withdrawal of a resolution rejecting the plan. The administration reportedly put heavy pressure on critics to drop the measure, introduced by Indonesia and Tunisia, and diplomats gave up at the risk of not having the necessary nine out of 15 votes to secure its passage. “By not putting forward a polarizing resolution, the UN Security Council demonstrated that the old way of doing things is over,” said a senior Trump official. “For the first time on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the Council was willing to think outside the box, and not fall back on the calcified Palestinian position, which has only allowed the failed status quo to continue". Ron Prosor, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN said, "The Palestinians’ inability to put forward a vote tonight shows the change that the international community has gone through in recent years. Two years ago, the Palestinians easily recruited many countries willing to vote in favor of a resolution condemning the USA recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The USA vetoed the decision. This time they don’t have nine countries behind them,” Prosor said. “It shows that countries have different priorities now and they put their own interests first. The failure of the Palestinians on Tuesday to ram a resolution against the Trump Plan through the Security Council is just the latest example of a UN that is no longer an arena where the Palestinians can score a slam dunk at will." (VFI News)

"They have dug a pit before me. Into the midst of it they themselves have fallen." Ps. 57:6