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USA to Abbas: 'Choose Peace, America Will Be There'

USA Ambassador Craft spoke Tue. 11 Feb. 2020 at a special meeting of the UN Security Council. She urged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to put aside past grievances and work together with Israel toward a better future for both people. “If you choose the path to peace, America and many other countries will be there,” Craft said. Even though the UN meeting had intended to dismiss USA President Donald Trump's plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Craft chose a conciliatory approach. She said she wanted to talk about how to move forward toward a brighter future, one that she believed Trump’s peace plan promised. Craft did not address the Palestinian frustration with the plan’s offer of only a fraction of east Jerusalem, handing them portions of the city on the other side of the barrier. Instead, she said, “this conceptual map represents a historic step toward the establishment of a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem. The plan also offers them more than 50 billion dollars in investments that would end the cycle of poverty", Craft said. The plan “is an opening offer. It is the beginning of a conversation – not the end of one,” she added. (VFI News)