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IAI Introduces New Electro-Optical High-Resolution Surveillance System

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) introduced on Wednesday a new electro-optical long-range surveillance system – the MegaPOP.

The new payload is designed for land applications, such as marine or land border control, surveillance of sensitive facilities, or any other operational mission that requires especially lengthy surveillance performance, as well as high-definition vision capabilities with a system that uses several sensors simultaneously, the company said in a statement.

MegaPOP simultaneously tapes a video on a thermal/HD channel with night vision, a color daylight HD channel, and an innovative HD SWIR technology channel. The continuous zoom capability provides the end-user with high-quality output even under highly challenging visual conditions, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said. The system can be installed on various platforms – from poles for sea vessels to land vehicles and fences. (JPost / VFI News)