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Nightmare Locust Swarms Devouring East Africa Crops

A plague of locust with swarms up to 40 miles wide is destroying crops and livestock pastureland across east Africa. The condition threatens to trigger a humanitarian crisis, the UN has warned. The horde of 360 billion insects has laid waste to farmland across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, posing an unprecedented threat to food security. It is the worst to hit Kenya for 70 years, and the worst to affect Ethiopia and Somalia for 25 years. The next generation of desert locusts, a million of which can eat enough food for 35,000 people in just one day is expected to swarm in April 2020. The locust information service describes the current situation as 'extremely alarming' and likely to be further exacerbated by new infestations. When rains arrive in March 2020 and bring fresh vegetation across much of the region, the numbers of the fast-breeding locusts could grow 500 times before drier weather in June curbs their spread, the UN says. (VFI News)

Be merciful dear Lord to those who have worked so hard only to become victims of famine upon the earth. Please stretch out your hand with a miracle to stay this plague of locusts across East Africa. Open the hearts of nations to the plight of those who are starving with ways and means to ease the suffering.