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Peace Plan Triggers New Tension on Israel's Southern Border

Israel's air force staged “wide-scale” attacks against targets in the Gaza Strip overnight between Thursday and Friday of last week. The military action was in response to three rockets that were launched from the Palestinian enclave. Two of the rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system. The third landed in an open area. Again, on Saturday night 1 Feb. 2020 Palestinian terrorists fired at least one rocket at Israeli communities east of the Gaza Strip. There were no reports of deaths or injuries in the exchange of fire. Rocket launches against Israel had abated somewhat since a heated exchange of fire followed Israel’s targeted killing of an Islamic Jihad leader in the Gaza Strip in Nov. 2019. Yet there has been an upsurge of balloon-borne explosive devices launched into Israel. Palestinians terrorist factions have called for increased hostility against Israel in response to Donald Trump's peace plan released last week, which they see as biased in favor of the Jewish state. (VFI News)

Continue to pray for the protection of Israel's vulnerable southern and northern borders.