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US to Label Products from Parts of Judea and Samaria as 'Made in Israel'

Products from parts of Judea and Samaria sold in the United States will be labeled "Made in Israel" as of December 24 as per regulation issued by US Customs.

According to the US Customs regulation, "Goods produced in the territorial areas of the West Bank where Israel continues to exercise relevant authorities—specifically Area C under the Oslo Accords and the area known as 'H2' which is under Israeli administrative control consistent with the 1997 Hebron protocol—must be marked as [...] 'Made in Israel.'"

On the other hand, "Goods produced in Areas A and B under the Oslo Accords, which are under the civilian oversight of the Palestinian Authority for these purposes, along with the area known as 'H1' from the 1997 Hebron Protocol, must be marked as [...] 'Made in West Bank.'" (INN / VFI News)