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Israeli Companies to Manufacture Anti-Coronavirus Construction Materials

Tera Novel has signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Tambour, one of Israel's leading paint and construction material manufacturers, to produce and market products containing Tera Novel's patented antibacterial additive that neutralizes viral compounds such as the coronavirus.

In line with the strategic deal, Tera Novel and Tambour intend to integrate the antibacterial additive, called "Germs Over," with an admixture of either paint products, preparation and filling materials (such as plaster and cement), gypsum products, adhesives or other construction materials already marketed and manufactured by Tambour.

Tera Novel and Tambour would then market the antibacterial products to hospitals, clinics and health centers, who would, in turn, use the paint and other various products containing the additive to treat walls, rooms, etc. – effectively destroying "100% of the bacteria" that comes into contact with the treated surface and preventing the spread of infection within these institutions, according to the companies. (JPost / VFI News)