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Austria's Anti-Semitic Incidents Continue to Escalate

In a recent report released by the Jewish Community of Vienna, 550 anti-Semitic acts occurred in Austria in 2019. This is an increase of 9.5% since 2017. “Among the 550 incidents, there were six physical assaults, 18 instances of threats, 78 instances of damage and desecration of Jewish property, 209 instances of mass-produced anti-Semitic literature, and 239 instances of abusive behavior,” confirmed the European Jewish Congress (EJC). The majority of crimes were carried out by “right-wing extremists,” according to EJC. Other ideological motives include radical Islam and far-left extremism. Germany announced last week that its anti-Semitic crime rate was at its highest level since 2001, reporting 2,000 crimes targeting Jews in 2019. The number of crimes in 2019 was 13% higher than it was in 2018. (VFI News)

Continue to intercede that endangered Jewish communities in Europe will be protected and hidden from vicious anti-Semites. Pray that many will make the decision to immigrate to Israel.