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Six-Year-Old Israeli Discovers Ancient Tablet

Young children with sharp eyes and a sense of curiosity are always finding ancient treasures buried in the dust and earth of Israel. Most recently a six-year-old Israeli boy discovered a 3,500-year-old clay tablet. The 1.1-inch by 1.1-inch tablet is engraved with a depiction of a man wearing a skirt leading a naked captive whose hands are tied behind the back. The tablet indicates ethnic differences between captor and captive; the captor’s hair is curled and his face is full, while the captive is thin and his face elongated. It is the first such tablet ever found in Israel. Imri Elya from Kibbutz Nirim found the artifact at Tel Jemmah and turned it over to the Israel Antiquities Authority. Researchers estimate that the artifact dates to between the 12th and 15th centuries BC, a period during which the Egyptian empire ruled the area. (VFI News)

Scripture says of Israel that her people take pleasure in her very stones and favor even the dust (Ps 102:15). Such words are continually confirmed as archaeological excavations including many amateurs, hikers, and children continue to unearth layers of history beneath the earth and stones of the Jewish nation. Ongoing discoveries tell us of life in the ancient past and in many cases confirm the truth of Biblical accounts.