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Hold Off On Boycotting Israel

Those calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel should consider putting a sock in it until the coronavirus blows over. Scientists at Israel's MIGAL Research Institute say they are 8-10 weeks away from a vaccine. Indeed, Israel is at the forefront of a host of medical breakthroughs. But the BDS movement would cut off such promising research from collaborators and investors in the USA. What's going on in Israel's laboratories is saving lives all over the world. For example, take Israel's medical breakthrough in treatment for multiple sclerosis over a decade ago, or consider its advances in treatment for Parkinson's disease. BDSers should be asking themselves if they would really say no to a vaccine just because it was created in Israel. (Detroit News)

Despite Israel’s tiny size, minuscule population and lack of significant natural resources, it routinely contributes disproportionately to the good of the international community. Israel leads in the battle against the global water crisis by providing innovative solutions to over 150 nations where water is scarce. Then there are words such as Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Structure, chemotherapy, and megahertz - concepts that changed the world. What about psychoanalysis, Bayer Aspirin, modern banking, Hollywood? The real problem with the lack of invention and discovery on the part of Israel's enemies is that so much of the modern world's inventions, discoveries, art, entertainment, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, chemistry, and economics are, to use their dirty word: Jewish.