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Palestinians Malign Israel as Israel Saves Their Lives

Israel is making a massive effort to help the Palestinians contain a coronavirus outbreak after several Palestinians in Bethlehem tested positive for the disease. Israel has transferred hundreds of coronavirus test kits to the Palestinians and conducted joint training sessions for Israeli and Palestinian medical personnel. "We will continue working to help the Palestinian authorities curb the spread of the virus, both as an Israeli interest and for humanitarian reasons," said Israeli Civil Administration Health Coordinator Dalia Basa. "We will expand medical training to Palestinian personnel as much as possible, as well as the transfer of medical equipment to the Palestinian healthcare system." In return, the Palestinians are continuing to spread blood libels against Israel and the Jews. Last weekend the Palestinian daily Al-Quds claimed that Israel had been releasing wild boars in Judea & Samaria to destroy Palestinian crops. It is hard to find one Palestinian who does not carry a smartphone. Palestinians regularly document the actions of Israeli soldiers and settlers. Why has no one snapped even one photo of an Israeli truck carrying the animals into Palestinian villages? How come the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Judea & Samaria have not been attacked by wild boars? And how are the boars able to distinguish between Arabs and Jews? (Gatestone Institute)

Israel has been accused many times of dispatching four-footed creatures and even sharks to cause the Palestinians trouble. In the recent years, the number – and, for many, the absurdity – of such conspiracies seems to have grown, most notably reports that the Mossad Agency dispatched sharks to attack bathers in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.