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Rashida Tlaib T-shirt Erases Israel from the Map

Tlaib took photos to promote activist Linda Sarsour's new book, "We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders", but many were more interested in the logo on her shirt, which showed the whole of Israel as Palestine enrobed with a black and white chequered keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. Alex VanNess, director of Middle East Peace and Security Policy, caustically noted on Twitter: "Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's T-shirt doesn't exactly scream 'two-state solution.'" In Dec. 2019, Tlaib blamed PM Netanyahu and the Likud Party for the lack of a two-state solution, saying they “actively fought against a two-state solution and took steps to ensure its demise.” Israel advocate and writer Hen Mazzig, meanwhile, questioned the statement on the shirt in light of both Tlaib and Sarsour's links to Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Sanders has made much of his Jewish heritage during his campaign to win the nomination, yet has called Netanyahu "racist," and has repeatedly criticized the Jewish state. Both Tlaib and Sarsour have supported Sanders on the campaign trail. (J. Post)