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Jim Bakker Sued for Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

It is almost impossible to refrain from judgment in a case like this, and at a time such as this: Truly, televangelist Jim Bakker is on dangerous ground and must be exposed because he is not the man of God he claims to be and the faithful are paying for it. Bakker’s proffering of a sham cure for the coronavirus has resulted in a lawsuit from attorneys for the state of Missouri. Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed papers last week in the Circuit Court of Stone County in Galena, Missouri against Bakker and his production company demanding a judge halt his peddling of a “Silver Solution and related products as treatments for coronavirus.” Bakker has been hawking the so-called healing liniment for a month on “The Jim Bakker Show”. They are “unapproved new drugs” sold in violation of federal food and drug laws. Bakker has also, according to the lawsuit, violated a Missouri merchandising law by “falsely promising to consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill or deactivate coronavirus and boost elderly consumers’ immune system.” On the contrary, attorneys write, “there is, in fact, no vaccine, pill, potion or other product available to” treat or cure COVID-19.” According to show transcripts, Bakker interviewed Sherill Sellman, a “natural health expert” who erroneously boasted her solution could eliminate COVID-19 within 12 hours. He then offered viewers to receive the product by donating $80 or $125 to his for-profit ministry. (VFI News)

Jim Bakker fans may you be enlightened and save your donations for a better cause!