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Iran Threatens to End Deal with IAEA over US-Led Push to Criticize It

Iran is threatening to end a deal struck with the UN nuclear watchdog last weekend temporarily salvaging much monitoring of its activities if the agency's board endorses a US-led push to criticize Tehran next week, an Iranian position paper shows.

Tehran this week scaled back cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, ending extra inspection measures introduced by its 2015 nuclear accord with major powers. It was the latest of many steps retaliating for US sanctions reimposed after the United States pulled out of that agreement in 2018.

Iran and US President Joe Biden's administration are now locked in a standoff over who should move first to save the unraveling 2015 deal. Tehran says Washington should lift sanctions first. Biden wants Iran to undo its many retaliatory breaches of the deal's nuclear restrictions first. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you continue to hold Iran accountable for its actions and protect the surrounding nations, especially Israel, from its aggressive behavior.”