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Israeli Scientists Working on 'Passive Vaccine' for Coronavirus

Rehovot based biopharmaceutical company Kamada has announced that it has started to work on developing a blood-plasma derived treatment against the coronavirus. “The concept that we are developing is not new. People that are exposed to a virus develop antibodies for that virus,” said Amir London, Chief Executive Officer of Kamada.  “If patients who have recovered from the disease and are in convalescence donate plasma, there is a very good likelihood that in that plasma there are going to be antibodies,” said London.  Kamada has two FDA-approved products, including an anti-rabies treatment that is sold all over the world. The company, which is publicly traded in Tel Aviv, is also the sole supplier of anti-snake venom to the Health Ministry. London explained that they plan to collect plasma from patients recovering from COVID-19 and to purify its antibodies using their proprietary technology. “There is no assurance that this attempt will be successful because we don’t know yet what is going to be the level of antibodies in the plasma of people who recovered from COVID-19”. “But based on our experience, as well as on the experience of other companies in the field, we believe there is going to be a sufficient quantity of them. For sure, we know how to purify the plasma. The kind of treatment that Kamada aims to develop is known among professionals as a “passive vaccine". A vaccine triggers the immune system of a person to develop antibodies; in this case, we are providing the antibodies themselves,” said London. “Our treatment is a medicine: It targets the severely ill patients, whose situation is worsening and who need a booster to fight the virus.” Kamada is working to collect plasma in different facilities from people who have recovered from the viral disease. (J.Post/VFI News)

Dear Lord, we pray that You will comfort all who are suffering from coronavirus. Lend skill to the hands of those who work in the medical fields, and bless the means used for recovery and prevention. Give us such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when we are afraid, we may put our whole trust in You; through our Savior Yeshua.