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Israeli Expert Speaks From Frontlines on Coronavirus

Dr. Elli Rosenberg runs the coronavirus unit at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. He told media sources: "What we're trying to do is maximize patient care with minimal staff exposure. Technology helps. A coin-sized monitor taped to their chest - developed by an Israeli startup company - continuously transmits vital signs by Bluetooth to our control center. We also have tablets for the patients that measure their temperature and can serve as a stethoscope. Students and faculty from the engineering department at Ben-Gurion University are building a telemedicine robot to our specifications. "Q: What's your take on Israel's handling of the pandemic? Rosenberg: "In the beginning, I thought this was handled way too aggressively and that the measures the government decided on were extreme. As time progressed, especially with examples coming in from different countries around the world of how governments responded and what the consequences were - for better and for worse - I slowly shifted to the point right now where I hope we're not too late with the actions we're taking. If we want to beat this, social distancing and personal hygiene and increased testing have to be implemented and enforced at the highest level." (VFI News)