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ISIS in Sinai Leader Killed in Clash with Egyptian Forces

Leader of the ISIS terrorist organization in the Sinai Peninsula, Salim Salma Said Mahmoud al-Hamadin, was killed during clashes with Bedouin and Egyptian forces near Al-Barth, south of Rafah, and near the border with Israel, according to Arabic media. A bodyguard and escort were also detained.

Hamadin, referred to as the "most dangerous and oldest of the takfiri elements in the Sinai," was responsible for the murder of hundreds of civilians and Egyptian soldiers, according to the reports. "Takfiri" is a word often used to refer to armed extremist groups, but originally referred to Muslim apostates or infidels.

The targeting of the ISIS leader was conducted as a joint operation between the Egyptian military and the Sinai Tribal Union. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you keep your people safe.”