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Israelis do Well Combating Disasters: They've Had Practice.

This year, the Jewish nation has mourned the loss of every life snuffed out by coronavirus, but compared to other Western democracies with advanced economies and health systems, Israel has a lot to be thankful for regarding the number of deaths. One reason involves the mentality of Israelis and the unique culture that exists in this country: Israelis are people used to states of emergency, unlike any other Western democracy. Tell Israelis to enter bomb shelters, they know how to. Tell them to stop their car on the side of the road when an air raid siren goes off and to duck into a ditch, they can do it. Tell them to keep their eyes open on buses, to report suspicious bags on street corners, or to just be hyper-vigilant, Israelis come through. (J.Post/VFI News)

"We went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance." Ps.66:12