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Jerusalem: The New Capital of the Start-Up Nation

Start Up Nation Central's "Finder" revealed that Jerusalem may be the new capital of the "start-up nation," thanks to its growing technology ecosystem, which includes 405 companies, 22 exits, and total investments worth $1.6B—$233.5M just from the past year.

According to Start Up Nation Central's Finder, the Israeli innovation tracking platform, the list of active companies in Jerusalem has grown 102% since 2012, to a total of 405 in the Ecosystem.

In 2019 alone, $233.5M was invested in Jerusalem-based companies and start-ups, a 21% increase from the year prior. The city prides itself on 22 tech exits and total investments worth $1.6B.

Out of these 405 companies, two fields of expertise are more prominent than others: artificial intelligence, which has seen a 166% increase—and life sciences, which is currently providing a massive range of innovative solutions for COVID-19. (VFI News)