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German Jews and Pro-Israel NGO Praise Hezbollah Ban, Urge EU Action

The president of the Munich Jewish community and the head of the German-Israel Friendship Society on Thursday lauded the German interior ministry for outlawing the Lebanese terrorist movement Hezbollah within the federal republic. “The complete ban on Hezbollah is the only right step and a serious blow to anti-Israeli terror in Germany,” said Charlotte Knobloch, the president of the Munich Jewish community and survivor of the Holocaust. Currently, the EU merely bans Hezbollah’s so-called “military wing” which, in 2012, blew up an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria. The terrorist attack murdered five Israelis and their Bulgarian Muslim bus driver. Hezbollah's “political wing” is still permitted to function within the EU. The Lebanese terrorist organization declares itself to be a unitary movement and raises funds, recruits new members, and spreads its jihadi ideology across Europe. (VFI News)