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Cross Border Attack Tunnel was Deepest Ever Found

The Hamas tunnel that stretched several meters into Israel and was discovered by the IDF last month near Kissufim forest was the deepest tunnel ever dug.

While the military is not certain as to what its purpose was, it believes that it was intended to test the underground barrier or to be used for a cross-border raid by the terror group though not necessarily to abduct Israeli troops or civilians.

It was only dug recently and was not one of 20 terror tunnels used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and destroyed by the IDF since the end of the last war between Israel and Gaza in 2014.

The tunnel which began in the Gazan city of Khan Younis was found after being notified by the new underground barrier system and by the noise of excavations which were heard by female soldiers in the Gaza Division, who are tasked with identifying such sounds. (JPost / VFI News)

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