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Promising Israeli Alzheimer’s Treatment to Launch Phase 1 Trial

A novel treatment for Alzheimer’s, developed by one of Israel’s top scientists, is preparing to launch a Phase 1 clinical trial and, if successful, it could change the course of the disease and arrest its progression.

The therapy, developed by ImmunoBrain Checkpoint and based on 20 years of work by Prof. Michal Schwartz of the Weizmann Institute of Science demonstrating that the immune system is needed for the maintenance of healthy brain function and repair, would contribute to the understanding of the biology of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Phase I trial will specifically test ImmunoBrain Checkpoint’s proprietary antibody, IBC-Ab002, which is targeted to enhance the immune system and induce brain repair processes in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Earlier this month, the company won a $1 million grant from the Alzheimer’s Association to help get them closer to the trial.

Schwartz, who is now the company’s chief scientist, is considered one of Israel’s most renowned scientists. A recipient of the EMET Prize, she made revolutionary contributions to brain research, showing the role of the immune system in maintaining the brain’s health, and helping mitigate its dysfunction. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you bring success to the many who work tirelessly to heal, and to bring greater quality to life for many.”