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Time For Action Against Iranian Nukes

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will use his address at the United Nations General Assembly session Monday to focus on Iran’s atomic aspirations and its support for terrorism, and less on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, an official close to the prime minister said Sunday, September 26.

Speaking with journalists Sunday afternoon, the official said that Bennett himself penned his address, set to be delivered at the UN General Assembly tomorrow.

The address highlights both Iran’s efforts to speed up its uranium enrichment program, as well as the terrorist war it is waging against Israel via proxies like Hezbollah and other terror groups.

“Dialogue is important, but this is the time primarily for actions,” Bennett wrote in his upcoming address.

Bennett also devoted a segment of his address to the coronavirus pandemic, and how he believes Israel can serve as an example of how to avoid further lockdowns, using practical solutions such as the COVID vaccine.

The address also highlights the Abraham Accords, and argues that additional peace agreements between Israel and moderate Arab states will lead to ‘a new spirit’ across the Middle East.

The general message of the address, the source said, is optimism about Israel's future, leaning heavily both on the expansion of the Abraham Accords and Israel's avoidance of further lockdowns against the COVID pandemic.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on the other hand, will receive less attention in the prime minister’s address, the official said Sunday.

“The Palestinian issue is another subject, one of many issues, which the State of Israel is dealing with, but it is not the primary issue.”

Bennett, the official added, will not directly respond to Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas’ UN address.

“People would be better off trying to help their people and not obsessing over Israel.”

The official added that Bennett is staunchly opposed to the formation of a Palestinian state and that there are no plans to resume final status talks with the PA. (INN/ VFI News)

“God, we ask that you protect us all from the threat of nuclear war.”