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UK Study Finds Amnesty International to Be Highly Anti-Semitic

Amnesty International defines itself as “a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people – no matter who they are or where they are”. However, the UK Jewish Human Rights Watch released a report this week revealing widespread bias and racism inside the Amnesty organization. British anti-Semitism expert David Collier of Jewish Human Rights Watch said that such attitudes against Israel and the Jewish people are keeping the international group from its original mission. The new study claims that Amnesty International has become a tool for spreading institutionalized and anti-Semitic hatred against Israel and promoting policies consistent with the goals of the BDS movement. According to Collier, a controversial action by India is almost certain to receive attention. Persecuted Christians are blatantly ignored. Attacking Israel is top of the list. Pakistan can literally make opposition figures disappear and Amnesty International can rarely even be bothered to yawn. Amnesty’s activity is inherently racist. When directed towards Israel, the cumulative obsession can clearly be labeled anti-Semitic," he said. Collier further noted that that Amnesty knowingly employs anti-Israel and pro-BDS activists in its activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, creating a one-sided, biased narrative against Israel. Collier claims that the organization even employs activists who openly support terrorism against the State of Israel. The study, titled 'Amnesty International, From Bias to Obsession,' will be reviewed by UK law enforcement agencies to see if the organization's activities do not violate British law. (VFI News)

Continue to pray that Israel and the Jewish people everywhere will be shielded and protected from forces of diabolical hatred and evil. Intercede that organizations promoting anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias will be fully exposed and encounter loss of support and validity until such evils are abandoned.