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Iran, Russia, China Hold Joint Naval Drill

These three countries deemed by Iranian Rear Admiral Gholamreza Tahani to be "the new triangle of power in the sea", began four days of naval drills in the Gulf of Oman on Friday 27 Dec. 2019, following Iran's activation of advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium at greater speeds. Iranian State news said the drills, launched from the southeastern Iranian port city of Chahbahar, were designed to show that American endeavors to strangle the regime had failed. "The effect will be to show that Iran cannot be isolated,” said Tahani. State television echoed him by calling the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian alliance "the new triangle of power in the sea." Also on Friday, Russia's Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu confirmed that the Avangard, its new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile system that can travel at 27 times the speed of sound, is ready for "combat duty." President Vladimir Putin boasted that the Avangard missile can reach anywhere in the world and places Russia as the world leader in a new class of weapons. (VFI News)

These are ominous reports and a dangerous military alliance of nations. Continue to intercede that Israel will be exceedingly cautious in its relationship with Russia.  While excellent rapport between the two powers is claimed by both Israeli and Russian leaders, Russia has its own agenda in the Middle East.  This agenda has repeatedly accommodated Israel’s worst enemies including Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah while claiming goodwill towards the Jewish state. Pray also for Islamist power to be toppled in Iran and every nuclear ambition which threatens Israel and the nations to be thwarted.