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US-Funded Palestinian NGOs Introduced Children to Convicted Terrorists

USAID-funded Palestinian NGOs introduced children to released convicted terrorists, according to an NGO watchdog report released Thursday.

The NGOs presented the terrorists as role models while publicly demonstrating “support for terrorists and US-designated terrorist organizations,” whether via social media, statements, events, or protests, the report said.

The terrorists were imprisoned for various acts, including shooting attacks, stabbings, arms-smuggling, funding terror organizations, kidnapping and murdering Israeli citizens, a minister, IDF soldiers, and tourists.

NGO Monitor worked off public information that was readily available to USAID while it vetted secondary-grantees to implement the US-funded projects in the Palestinian territories. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we ask that you would protect the innocent Palestinian children from the lies that they are taught. We pray that the truth of God’s Word will shine forth and that You would raise those who speak truth and life into their lives. We pray that these children would learn to love life and not death, and to love and not hate.”

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