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Fewest Seriously Ill COVID Patients Since July 2020

A total of 199 new cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed across Israel Tuesday, according to data released by the Health Ministry Wednesday morning.

Just 0.3% of tests conducted Tuesday came back positive, down from 0.4% of tests carried out Monday. That is the lowest level recorded since May 21st last year when the percentage of tests coming back positive hit 0.3%.

There are now just 3,209 known active cases of the virus in Israel, down from 3,264 on Tuesday, of which 362 are being treated in hospitals.

Of those 362 hospitalizations, 221 patients are in serious condition. That is down from 236 seriously ill patients on Monday and marks the lowest number since July 17th of last year, when there were 220 patients in serious condition. (INN / VFI News)

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