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UK Prime Minister Wins Battle Against Coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was released on Sunday 12 April 2020 after battling the coronavirus for nearly a week. Johnson, 55, was admitted to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London a week prior to the date of his release, because of worsening COVID-19 symptoms. On the second day of his stay in the facility, he was moved into intensive care.  Downing Street said throughout his time in the hospital that Johnson was “in good spirits,” and assured the public that he was conscious and not on a ventilator - although he was receiving oxygen assistance. The British leader will not immediately return to work and will instead recuperate at Chequers, his official country retreat in Buckinghamshire. On Sunday 12 April 2020 Johnson said in his first public statement since he was moved out of intensive care that he owes his life to the National Health Service staff who treated him for COVID-19. “I can’t thank them enough," Johnson said. "I owe them my life.” (VFI News)

Heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his recovery from COVID-19 and thank you to all of the Christians who prayed.