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Israel: New Canal to Flow Waters from Kinneret to Jordan River

Israel's Water Authority last week, decided to open a new canal to flow water from the Sea of Galilee to the southern Jordan River. The strategy bypasses the Degania Dam and prevents its opening this year. The canal has already been dug and will open within days, according to reports. The Water Authority decided as the Kinneret reached just 16 cm under the level at which it would begin overflowing its banks. The canal will flow 5 billion liters of water from the Kinneret to the Jordan River and will avoid the Degania Dam to avoid negatively affecting pumping stations in the area and the financial costs required to open the dam. The opening of the dam would also impact the water supply for agriculture in the area. The canal will allow for the Kinneret to be kept from overflowing without causing floods and waves. The lake is currently at the highest level it's been since 2004. (VFI News)  

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