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Israel's Economy to Gradually Reopen

"I am the Lord who heals you." Ex. 15:26

Israel's government has decided to adopt a proposal that would see trade, services and manufacturing at 100% capacity if they're able to adhere to health orders; people will be able to venture 500 meters from home; those over 65 and those in risk groups are to remain in quarantine. The current proposal to open the economy, which began to take effect on Sunday 19 April 2020, was presented by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who claimed it is vital to begin lifting the current lockdown as soon as possible. According to the proposal, trade, services and manufacturing will be operated at 100 percent capacity as soon as next week if they are able to adhere to health directives. Under Bennett's proposal, all businesses will operate under a string of health and safety requirements: 1. Temperatures will be checked at the entrance of each venue. 2. Workers showing coronavirus symptoms will remain at home. 3. Wearing protective face masks is required. 4. A two-meter distance must be maintained from one another. 5. Public Spaces must be disinfected every two hours. 6. For workers between age 50-65, a sterile area must be created. Places such as shopping centers, beauty salons and schools will remain closed. In addition, people over 65 and those at risk of complications from COVID-19 will remain in self-quarantine for the time being and will be eligible for unemployment benefits. (VFI News)

Intercede that Israel will successfully be able to return to normal life with no setbacks in the coming days.