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Wild Boars Pillage Haifa Neighborhoods

Haifa residents under coronavirus lockdown say they are scared to leave their houses even to throw out their garbage. Wild boars traveling in family packs have been trotting through Haifa in increasing numbers. Their once-nocturnal visitations now take place throughout the day, as they root through refuse, spook domestic pets and even block roads. "They come here and turn over our garbage dumpsters. We actually feel defenseless", said one Haifa resident. For now, residents must turn to "pig patrols" made up of volunteer animal-rights activists who can be summoned at all hours to shoo the boars away. "I'm scared that after the coronavirus passes, the boars will have gotten used to coming every day, every night, every hour," said Yaron Hanan, 63, who runs a public campaign that has been calling for a municipal crackdown on the animals. Likewise, jackals have been roaming the parks and streets of Tel Aviv looking for food. Worldwide, with the coronavirus keeping humans inside, many wild animals have taken to the cities to have their own play. People in New Delhi have spotted monkeys looking for food in an alleyway lined with closed shops. In Venice, Italy, clear blue canals have lured swans and fish before tourists return in gondolas. In the north of Wales, herds of wild mountain goats have claimed the empty streets of Llandudno as their own. Known as the Great Orme Kashmiri goats, they typically live on a nearby hill that looks over the town, rarely heading into it. North Wales police said the agency received calls about the wandering herd - which has been grazing on people’s hedges and gardens. (VFI News)