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Ongoing PA Incitement

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has noted that "instead of the monies that the PA is spending on compensation for terrorists during March 2020, it could have purchased 387,143 coronavirus test kits, or 465 ventilators." A notice published on PA media reads: "Since the wheels of production, import, and consumption have stopped, there will be a great drop, of more than 50%, in the PA's income - the international aid will decrease, because the whole world is in crisis, and therefore we will act according to a more modest emergency budget." PMW noted that the first group to get paid for the month of March 2020 will be medical and security employees, and the second group will be jailed terrorists and the families of "martyrs" - terrorists who were killed while carrying out terror attacks. Despite Israel's cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in fighting the Coronavirus, the PA has made statements comparing Israel to the deadly virus itself and for weeks didn’t mention Israel's help at all. An editorial in the paper compared Israel to “all of nature’s viruses,” stating it is “more dangerous."  Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of Israelis (63%) think that Israel should aid the Palestinians during the coronavirus outbreak, according to a study published by the Truman Institute for Peace at the Hebrew University. Among those surveyed were Arabs and Jews, religious and non-religious, and people from all age groups. (VFI News)

"For he [my enemy] never thought of doing a kindness but hounded to death the poor and the needy and the brokenhearted.  He loved to pronounce a curse – he found no pleasure in blessing." Ps. 109:16-17