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Following UAE-Israel Deal, Hebrew to be Taught in Gulf

Coming off the heels of the announced peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a new groundbreaking initiative has been launched to bring virtual ulpan programs to teach Hebrew to Arabic-speakers in the Gulf states.

Announced Thursday by the World Center for Jewish Education (WCJE), an organization that specializes in training educators and designing curriculum plans in Hebrew language and Jewish studies, it was first launched in June 2020, but the geopolitical reality at the time prevented it from really going public.

The UAE-Israel normalization, however, changes things. Not only is it now possible to make it public, but with the Economy Ministry estimating Emirati investment in the Jewish state to reach up to $350 million, interest is growing in learning Hebrew among the Gulf's business, tourism and academic sectors. And, in addition, there is much speculation in Israel and abroad regarding which Gulf states could soon follow suit. (JPost / VFI News)

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