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Bacteria-Killing Fabric: More Israeli Innovations

Israeli nano-tech firm NanoSono has invented a unique powder of antibacterial metals, among them gold and zinc, that kills any bacteria it comes into contact with. The powder can be used on fabrics in airplanes and hospitals, as well as for masks, among other applications.

Certain metals are famous for having antiseptic qualities, CEO Ronen Sarusi said on Monday, which have been incorporated into a powder with a nano-structure that eradicates the bacteria. The metals are housed in tiny structures called dots, each one composed of a shell and core made from different metal parts, Sarusi said.

Because the solution is based on the qualities of existing material in the seat fabric or the coating of the plane, the plane will continue to be a germ-free zone for as long as the materials are in it. “We are now testing to see if our solution can also kill the novel coronavirus,” he said, “we hope to know for sure in a few weeks.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank you for the continued innovations that your people are developing to keep us safe and support our wellbeing.”