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UN Atomic Agency Chief to Iran: Give Us Access Now

The head of the UN’s atomic watchdog agency arrived in Iran on Monday to press for access to sites where authorities are thought to have stored or used undeclared nuclear material.

The visit comes as the US is pushing to “snapback” UN sanctions on Iran for allegedly violating its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, which the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from more than two years ago.

Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, the other signatories to the deal, have declared the US action illegal, saying it can’t withdraw from a deal and then use the UN resolution that endorsed it to re-impose sanctions.

The International Atomic Energy Agency repeatedly found Iran in compliance with the agreement until last year, when Tehran started openly exceeding some of the deal’s limits on nuclear enrichment in response to heavy US sanctions.

Iran has said the UN official’s visit is an opportunity for greater cooperation and has nothing to do with the US push for more sanctions. (TOH / VFI News)

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