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London Rally Against Anti-Semitism Draws Thousands

A demonstration that took place in London on Sunday 8 Dec. 2019, drew more than 3,000 participants, Jews and non-Jews  who waved signs reading, “Together against anti-Semitism,” “Anti-Semitism = Racism,” “Solidarity with British Jews” and “racist Corbyn unfit to be PM,” referring to the head of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.  The demonstration led by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism was held four days before national elections. Corbyn has been dogged by criticism over anti-Semitism in Labour since his election as party leader in 2015. Some party members have been dismissed for anti-Semitic rhetoric, but others have been readmitted and thousands of complaints have gone unprocessed. Corbyn himself has called Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends.” The Labour Party leader has repeatedly denied that he has anti-Semitic leanings in spite of numerous actions and quotes exposed by British media sources proving otherwise. Corbyn apologized on Tue. 10 Dec. 2019, for the anti-Semitism in his party after a television host prompted him several times to "just say sorry." Many UK Jews have agreed that the apology wrung from Corbyn comes too late. (VFI News/Arutz-7) 

Please intercede that Britain’s Labor Party will be fully exposed and confronted in its blatant anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias.