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$150 B. Dollars Worth Of Jewish Possessions Left in Arab Lands

Thousands of Jewish residents in Arab countries were forced to flee their homes following the creation of the state of Israel.  Jewish refugees far outnumbered so-called Palestinian refugees who voluntarily left Israel decades ago - having been counseled to do so by Arab warlords - and now clamor for the right to return by the millions and reclaim land, houses, and Israeli citizenship.  Jews, on the other hand, suffered the losses, remade their lives and prospered in other lands, mainly in Israel who absorbed and nurtured them. They have not been standing at Arab doors with their hands outstretched, demanding to be let back in and compensated along with their progeny.  A new report published days ago, which was completed with the help of the National Security Council, notes that Jews who were expelled or fled Arab nations in the late 1940s and ’50s left some $31.3 billion worth of property in Iran; $6.7 billion in Libya; $1.4 billion in Syria; $2.6 billion in Yemen; and $700 million in Yemen’s temporary capital of Aden. The parameters examined in the report include rural and urban property, businesses’ value, loss of income and potential income, and loss of communal property.” Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel is expected to share the findings with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in the coming weeks. (VFI News)